Red Clinton Cedar Veneer Wood With White Velvet Interior

$3,999.99 $1,299.99


  • Beautiful Red Cedar Veneer Wood With High Gloss Finish
  • Forest Trees Head Panel
  • White Velvet Interior in a French Fold Design
  • Cedar Veneer Wood
  • Swing Bar Handle Hardware
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Half Couch
  • Matching Pillow and Throw
  • Adjustable Eternal Rest Bed (Both Head and Foot)
  • Squared Corners
  • Hand Crafted Wooden Bannister Details
  • Continuous Welded Construction Completely Sealing The Bottom
  • Fits In Standard Burial Vaults
Casket Dimensions:
  • Interior: 78 Length x 24 Width x 14.75 Height
  • Exterior: 82.25 Length x 28 Width x 24.5 Height
  • Weight: 200 Pounds


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